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This wiki is created by JackWorthyToppMartian (JWTM) (previously simply known as J-Weezy The Martian) who creates a full encyclopedia about every show & movie he is in. With this site you can either watch videos, read lyrics, type your own info if you're allowed, and you can read the Artists info.

The Weapons

Autotune Apple

Limosin eats the Autotune Apple from Dr. Schmuck's lab. The Autotune Apple gives Limosin specials superpowers for him. In the Limosin`s Autotunage movie, Limosin`s Autotunage: Joy To The World.

The Matrix Watches

Joseph's Omnitrix & Ultomailtrix are the two main weapons of the Jacked 10 metaseries.


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